A first step in addressing the issue of untested evidence in sexual assault kits is to determine how many kits have never been sent to a crime lab for testing. It took a multidisciplinary team in Detroit 15 weeks to perform a census that determined 8,717 kits had not previously been tested.

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Law enforcement and corrections officers have a new resource for determining how to purchase high-quality, life-saving body armor. PoliceArmor.org features news about Bulletproof Vest Partnership funding, information on NIJ-compliant body armor and accounts of officers surviving potentially deadly assaults.

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Grantee in Analytical Methods

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Through NIJ support, researchers have evaluated a state-of-the-art technology to quickly identify suspected drugs. In Analytical Methods the researchers describe portable spectrometers that allow non-technical users to accurately identify chemicals, potentially easing the burden on forensic laboratories.

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Indigent Defense

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Research can improve our understanding of barriers to legal representation, evaluate current practice and develop recommendations. Recently the Indigent Defense Working Group identified future research priorities, including quality of defense, indigence standards, and lack of counsel.

Read the meeting summary and view the presentation slides (pdf, 101 pages).