Identifying Cause of Injuries Skull fractures leave signatures that can help determine cause of injury, research from Michigan State University discovered. The NIJ-supported researchers are creating a database to compare skull fracture patterns and help investigators determine the most likely cause of injury in suspected abuse cases.

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Body armor saves lives, but only when it meets performance standards, is the right fit, and is worn. Chris Tillery, director of NIJ’s Office of Science and Technology, discusses the importance of body armor standards and maintenance in the latest issue of Police Chief magazine.

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Blood Patterns on Fabrics

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Sarasota County Sheriff's Department invited NIJ-supported researcher Stephen Michielsen from North Carolina State University to present his research on how blood interacts with fabrics.

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Visualizing Firearm Serial Numbers

Pistol under the sensor device.

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Magneto-optical sensor technology can visualize serial numbers that have been scratched from firearms. Although researchers are still in the second phase of testing, this technology could be a more sensitive and efficient method for examiners to use in solving crimes.

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