NIJ seeks information from manufacturers and developers of firearms and accessories with advanced safety technologies to inform the forthcoming Gun Safety Technology Challenge. This Challenge will seek a demonstration of the reliability of gun safety technologies.

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A recent article in the MIT Technology Review examines how major cities, including an NIJ-funded project in Chicago, have used predictive policing to prevent and reduce crime. NIJ sponsored a comprehensive report by RAND on the use and effectiveness of predictive policing technology.

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Understanding Teen Dating Violence

Dr. Peggy Giordano discusses what characterizes teen dating violence and how it changes over time. Research shows that conflict over key areas within a relationship can increase the risk of violence.

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Local Agencies & Homeland Security

Two officers overlook a disaster scene.

Since September 11, local law enforcement agencies have responded to a range of terrorist and nonterrorist threats. Research shows that small jurisdictions that collaborated with nearby large jurisdictions were better prepared.

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