About Acting Director Dr. Gregory K. Ridgeway

Portrait of Dr. Gret Ridgeway 

Acting Director Greg Ridgeway, Ph.D.

NIJ photo (see reuse policy).

With the departure of Director John H. Laub on January 4, 2013, Deputy Director Greg Ridgeway was named Acting Director.

Ridgeway came to NIJ as a new Deputy Director on July 9, 2012 after a nationwide search. He was selected to be the manager of NIJ's three science offices: forensic sciences, social and behavioral sciences, and physical sciences. He will lead the strategic planning and integration of the three offices and their translational criminology efforts.

Ridgeway came to NIJ from the RAND Corporation in Santa Monica, Calif., where he was Director of Safety and Justice and the RAND Center on Quality Policing. He specializes in the analysis of criminal justice issues, most prominently policing, gun violence prevention and drug policy.

Ridgeway received his doctorate in statistics from the University of Washington, where he was also a lecturer and visiting scholar. He received his bachelor's degree in statistics from California Polytechnic State University. In 2013, Dr. Ridgeway was elected a Fellow by the American Statistical Association (read the press release Exit Notice).

In joining NIJ, Ridgeway also enters the Senior Executive Service, the highest leadership position in the federal government's civil service. Members of the Senior Executive Service work in key positions just below the top Presidential appointees.

Date Modified: August 9, 2013