Laboratory Enhancement Funding

NIJ administers the funding programs listed below to enhance and assist forensic labs in multiple areas.

General information, based on the most recent year's solicitation, is provided for each program. Requirements and allowable costs under these programs can change from year to year. Be sure to read carefully any current solicitation applying to any of these programs.

Lists of Awards

ProgramAwards List
Forensic Research and Development1992-2012
Paul Coverdell Forensic Science Improvement Grants Program2002-2012
DNA Backlog Reduction Program2011-2012
Postconviction DNA Testing Assistance Program2008-2012
DNA to Identify Missing Persons2005-2012
Solving Cold Cases With DNA Evidence2005-2012
Forensic Science Training Development and Delivery Program20112010,
Forensic DNA Backlog Reduction Program2004-2010
Convicted Offender/Arrestee DNA Backlog Reduction Program2005-2010
DNA Laboratory Efficiency Program2008-2010
Date Modified: October 19, 2012