Fiscal Year 2010 Awards

In fiscal year 2010, NIJ made awards:

  • In response to competitive solicitations.
  • Under one formula award program (DNA Backlog Reduction Program).
  • Under one solicitation producing both formula and competitive awards (Paul Coverdell Forensic Science Improvement Grants Program).
  • As continuations of previously competed awards from past fiscal years.
  • In response to Congressional direction. 

List of all 2010 Awards

You also may view a list of all fiscal year 2010 awards.

The tables below lists all fiscal year 2010 solicitations. You can:

  • View the solicitation document by selecting the solicitation title.
  • View a list of all awards made under each solicitation by selecting the number in the "Awards Made" column. From that list, you can find a description and additional details for award.
Solicitation Title
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Total Funding