Graduate Research Fellowship Program: Past and Present Fellows

The following table presents NIJ's Graduate Research Fellows from 2004-2013. When available, the project titles are linked to an abstract of the fellow's final report, from which you also can download the full report.

Graduate Research Fellows, 2004-2012
Year and Award NumberFellow, University and Dissertation ChairProject Title (linked to description or final report if available)Amount
2013-IJ-CX-0011Melinda Tasca, Arizona State University, Nancy RodriguezIt's not all cupcakes and lollipops: An investigation of the predictors and effects of prison visitation for children during maternal and paternal incarceration.$25,000
2013-IJ-CX-0014April Rand, University of Kansas, Margaret SeversonExiting the Commercial Sex Trade: An Exploratory Study$30,000
2013-IJ-CX-0042Nora Wikoff, Washington University, Michael SherradenLabor Force Participation and Crime Among Severe and Violent Former Prisoners$25,000
2013-IJ-CX-0007Naomi Sugie , Princeton University, Devah PagerTrajectories of job search and wellbeing among reentering individuals$25,000
2013-IJ-CX-0010Laura Smalarz, Iowa State, Gary WellsPre-feedback eyewitness statements: Proposed inoculant and antidote for feedback effects on evaluations of eyewitness testimony$25,000
2013-IJ-CX-0044Solmaz Amiri, Washington State University, Kerry BrooksTesting a Geospatial Predictive Policing Strategy: Application of ArcGIS 3D Analyst Tools for Forecasting Commission of Residential Burglaries$28,132
2013-IJ-CX-0009Marina Sorochinski, John Jay College, C. Gabrielle SalfatiUsing Behavioral Patterns to Link Serial Rape Offenses: A Multidimensional Approach$18,000
2013-IJ-CX-0041Miriam Bohmert, Michigan State University, Merry MorashAccess to Transportation and Outcomes for Women on Probation and Parole$29,440
2013-IJ-CX-0012Jonna Berry , Iowa State University of Science and Technology, R. S. HoukDetection of Gunshot Residue in Blowfly Larvae, Decomposing Porcine Tissue, and Porcine Bone Using Laser Ablation-Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometry$30,000
2013-IJ-CX-0008Liana Taylor, Temple University, Matt HillerEvidence-Based Treatment and Responsivity: Individual and Program Predictors of Recidivism During Juvenile Drug Court and Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment$25,000
2013-IJ-CX-0043Heather Harris, University of Maryland, Peter ReuterPeering into prison peer effects and their policy implications$30,000
2013-IJ-CX-0052Megan Welsh, John Jay College, Valli RajahHow Women and Front-Line Workers Manage the Bureaucratic Process of Prisoner Reentry$30,000
2013-IJ-CX-0013Christina Smith, University of Massachusetts - Amherst, Donald Tomaskovic-DeveySocial Networks and Organized Crime$24,990
2012-IJ-CX-0027Hui Huang, University of Illinois
Dissertation Chair: Joseph P. Ryan
Out of Home Placement Location and Juvenile Delinquency: the Investigation of Neighborhood Impact on Child Welfare Population's Juvenile Justice Involvement$25,000
2012-IJ-CX-0017Laura Gaydosh, University of North Texas 
Dissertation Chair: Joseph E. Warren
Physical and Biochemical Factors Affecting the Recovery and Analysis of DNA from Human Skeletal Remains$25,000
2012-IJ-CX-0020Jordan Bechtold, University of California
Dissertation Chair:Elizabeth Cauffman
Under the Radar or Under Arrest: How does Contact with the Juvenile Justice System Impact Delinquency and Academic Achievement?$24,999
2012-IJ-CX-0018Tia Stevens, Michigan State University
Dissertation Chair: Merry Morash
Effects of County and State Economic, Social, and Political Contexts on Racial/Ethnic and Gender Differences in Youth's Penetration into the Justice System$25,000
2012-IJ-CX-0022Michael Winograd, Northwestern University
Dissertation Chair: J. Peter Rosenfeld
Countermeasure Mechanisms and Ecological Validity of P300- Based Concealed Information Tests$25,000
2012-IJ-CX-0044Jonah Siegel, University of Michigan
Dissertation Chair: Jeffrey D. Morenoff
The Contextual Determinants and Implications of Back-end Sentencing$25,000
2012-IJ-CX-0007Jenna Kieckhaefer, The Florida International University
Dissertation Chair: Nadja Schreiber Compo
Understanding Rapport-building in Investigative Interviews: Does Rapport's Effect on Witness Memory and Suggestibility Depend on the Interviewer?$24,999
2012-IJ-CX-0006Tracy Sohoni, University of Maryland
Dissertation Chair: Ray Paternoster
The Effect of Collateral Consequence Laws on State Rates of Returns to Prison$25,000
2012-IJ-CX-0005Yasemin Gaziarifoglu, Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey
Dissertation Chair: Joel M. Caplan
Identifying Risky Places for Street Robberies$25,000
2012-IJ-CX-0016 Pamela Marshall, Univerity of North Texas
Dissertation Chair: Bruce Budowle
Development of an Analytical Approach for a Robust Probability Model for LCN DNA Profile Interpretation$24,988
2012-IJ-CX-0019Jisun Lee, University of Pennsylvania
Dissertation Chair: Amos B. Smith III
Development of Novel 1,2- Indanedione Fingerprint Reagents$25,000
2011-JB-FX-0062Jamie Henderson, Temple University Dissertation Chair: Dr. Kathleen AuerhahnSORNA's Potential Effects on the Pennsylvania Juvenile Justice System$25,000
2011-CD-BX-0123Katherine Butler, The George Washington University
Dissertation Chair: Dr. Philip W. Harris
Ancestry/Phenotype SNP Analysis & Integration with Established Forensic Markers$25,000
2011-CD-BX-0124R. Bradley Patterson, George Mason University
Dissertation Chair: Dr. John J. Miller
Advancing The Use of Receiver Operating Characteristic (ROC) Curves to Measure Performance of Forensic Methods$25,000
2011-JP-FX-0101David Pyrooz, Arizona State University
Dissertation Chair: Dr.  Scott Decker
The Long-Term Consequences of Gang Membership$25,000
2011-CD-BX-0205Kevin Legg, University of Denver Dissertation Chair: Dr. Phillip B. DanielsonDevelopment and Testing of a Rapid Multiplex Assay for the Identification of Biological Stains$25,000
2010-IJ-CX-0001Joshua Chanin, American University Dissertation Chair: Dr. David Rosenbloom"Negotiated Justice" — The Legal, Administrative and Policy Implications of "Pattern or Practice" Police Misconduct Reform$25,000
2010-IJ-CX-1675Lallen Johnson, Temple University Dissertation Chair: Dr. Jerry RatcliffeJourneys to Buy and Sell Illegal Narcotics in Philadelphia Drug Markets$25,000
2010-IJ-CX-0003Matthew Ruther, University of Pennsylvania Dissertation Chair: Dr. John MacDonaldImmigrant Concentration and Homicide Mortality: A Spatial and Temporal Analysis of the Effects of Ethnic Enclaves$25,000
2010-IJ-CX-0002Lori Sexton, University of California, Irvine Dissertation Chair: Dr. Valerie JennessUnder the Penal Gaze: An Empirical Examination of Penal Consciousness Among Prison Inmates$24,950
2010-IJ-CX-0004Kelly Socia, University at Albany, SUNY Dissertation Chair: Dr. Alan LizotteResidence Restriction Legislation and Sex Offender Residential Locations in New York$25,000
2009-IJ-CX-0006Roberta Belli, John Jay College of Criminal Justice Dissertation Chair: Dr. Joshua D. FreilichWhere Terrorists, Far-Right Extremists and Greedy Criminals Meet: A Comparative Study of Financial Crimes in the U.S.$20,000
2009-IJ-CX-0005Robin Conley, University of California, Los Angeles Dissertation Chair: Dr. Alessandro DurantiDiscourses of Death: Language, Juries and "Future Danger" in Texas Death Penalty Trials$20,000
2009-IJ-CX-0025Andrew M. Lemieux, Rutgers School of Criminal Justice Dissertation Chair: Dr. Marcus FelsonRisks of Violence in Major Daily Activities, United States, 2003-2005$20,000
2009-IJ-CX-0021Bo Pietraszkiewicz, University of Connecticut Dissertation Chair: Dr. Linda StrausbaughExploring the Genetic Diversity of Bacterial Populations in Soil for Forensic Applications$20,000
2009-IJ-CX-0002Shun-Yung Kevin Wang, Florida State University Dissertation Chair: Dr. Gary KleckEmployment, Ethnicity and Crime and Delinquency of Working Youth: A Longitudinal Study of Youth Employment$20,000
2009-IJ-CX-0024Cynthia W. Weaver, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa School of Social Work Dissertation Chair: Dr. Debra Nelson-GardellIdentifying Offending Trajectories for First-Time Youth Offenders$19,999
2008-IJ-CX-0005Jennifer E. Cobbina, University of Missouri, St. Louis Dissertation Chair: Dr. Jody MillerFrom Prison to Home: Women's Pathways In and Out of Crime $20,000
2008-IJ-CX-0004Philip R. Kavanaugh, University of Delaware Dissertation Chair: Dr. Tammy L. AndersonThe Relationship Between Individual Disposition and Social Context in Criminal Offending and Victimization: A Storyline Approach$19,785
2008-IJ-CX-0006Gregory M. Zimmerman, University at Albany, SUNY Dissertation Chair: Dr. Greg PogarskyImpulsivity and Collective Efficacy: Investigating the Person-Context Nexus$20,000
2007-DN-BX-0005Yi Chen, Michigan State University Dissertation Chair: Dr. Anil K. JainAutomated Fingerprint Matching Using Extended Feature Set$20,000
2007-IJ-CX-0006Ruth Marie Garcia, Temple University Dissertation Chair: Dr. Ralph Brecken TaylorAn Integrated Perspective on Federal Correctional Officers and Levels of Perceived Risk$19,976
2007-IJ-CX-0031Christine L. Gardiner, University of California, Irvine Dissertation Chair: Dr. Elliott P. CurrieFrom Inception to Implementation: How the Substance Abuse and Crime Prevention Act Has Affected the Case Processing and Sentencing of Drug Offenders in One California County$19,991
2007-IJ-CX-0007Kristy N. Matsuda, University of California, Irvine Dissertation Chair: Dr. Cheryl L. MaxsonThe Impact of Incarceration on Young Offender Recidivism$20,000
2007-DN-BX-0013Megan K. Moore, University of Tennessee Dissertation Chair: Dr. Lyle KonigsbergBody-Mass Estimation by Biomechanical and Morphometric Methods$20,000
2007-DN-BX-0004Natalie R. Shirley, University of Tennessee Dissertation Chair: Dr. Richard L. JantzUse of Innovative Methods to Determine the Most Sexually Dimorphic Dimensions of the Clavicle$20,000
2007-IJ-CX-0010Benjamin Steiner, University of Cincinnati Dissertation Chair: Dr. John WooldredgeMaintaining Prison Order: Understanding Causes and Consequences of Inmate Misconduct Within and Across Ohio Correctional Facilities$20,000
2007-IJ-CX-0015Lydia Brashear Tiede, University of California, San Diego Dissertation Chair: Dr. Mathew McCubbinsComparative Criminal Sentencing: The Effect of Mandatory and Advisory Constraints on Judicial Decision-Making$20,000
2007-DN-BX-0006Meredith A. Turnbough, University of North Texas Dissertation Co-Chairs: Drs. Robert C. Benjamin and Arthur J. EisenbergApplication of Molecular Genetics to Human Identity$20,000
2006-IJ-CX-0002Juan Pantano, University of California, Los AngelesEssays in Applied Microeconomics$20,000
2006-DN-BX-K002Richard Kristinsson, University of DenverMitochondrial DNA Mixture Separation, Development and Validation by Denaturing High-Performance Liquid Chromatography$20,000
2006-IJ-CX-0003Alicia Peter, Columbia UniversityTrafficking in Meaning: Law, Victims and the State$20,000
2006-IJ-CX-0001Kevin Beaver, University of CincinnatiThe Intersection of Genes, the Environment, and Crime and Delinquency: A Longitudinal Study of Offending$20,000
2005-IJ-CX-K140Tamar Awad, Auburn UniversityMass Spectral and Chromatographic Studies on a Series of Regioisomers and Isobaric Derivatives Related to Methylenedioxymethamines$20,000
2005-WG-BX-0001Clifton Emery, University of ChicagoConsequences of Childhood Exposure to Intimate Partner Violence$20,000
2005-WG-BX-0002Kristin Carbone-Lopez, University of MinnesotaIn and Out of Harm's Way: Intimate Partner Violence Among Women Over the Life Course$20,000
2005-IJ-CX-0014Jeffrey Lin, New York UniversityExploring the Impact of Institutional Placement on the Recidivism of Delinquent Youth$20,000
2005-DA-BX-K100Joan Bienvenue, University of VirginiaDevelopment of Microdevice Solid-Phase Purification Utilizing Dual Pressure/Electro-Elution for Concentration and Enhanced Recovery of DNA$20,000
2004-IJ-CX-0012David Kirk, University of ChicagoUnraveling the Neighborhood and School Effects on Youth Behavior$20,000
2004-IJ-CX-0006Joseph Targonski, University of IllinoisA Comparison of Imputation Methodologies in the Offenses-Known Uniform Crime Reports$19,997
2004-IJ-CX-0008Lynn Urban, University of Missouri, St. LouisDeterrent Effect of Curfew Enforcement: Operation Nightwatch in St. Louis$20,000
2004-DN-BX-K006Amanda Hepler, North Carolina State UniversityBayesian Networks in Forensic Science: An Evolutionary Perspective$20,000
2003-IJ-CX-1007Meagan Cahill, University of Arizona Dissertation Chair: Dr. Gordon MulliganGeographies of Urban Crime: Neighborhood Specialization and Typology in Four U.S. Cities$20,000
2003-IJ-CX-1004Ariana Wall, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Dissertation Chair: Dr. Richard BarthFrequency in the Child Welfare System: Influential Child and Caregiver Characteristics$20,000
2003-IJ-CX-1005Andrea Leverentz, University of Chicago Dissertation Chair: Dr. Andrew AbbottPeople, Places, and Things: The Social Process of Reentry for Female Ex-Offenders$20,000
2003-IJ-CX-1016Catherine Bradshaw, Cornell University Dissertation Chair: Dr. James GarbarinoTesting a New Mediational Model of the Link Between Maltreatment and Reactive Aggression in Adolescence$20,000
2003-IJ-CX-0003Rachel Oakes, University of California, Los Angeles Dissertation Chair: Dr. Dawn UpchurchFamily, School and Neighborhood Influences on Youth Violence$20,000
2002-IJ-CX-0025Jennifer Schwartz, The Pennsylvania State University Dissertation Chair: Dr. Darrell SteffensmeierComparative Analysis of Structural Covariates of Female and Male Offending Rates (1970-2000)$20,000
2002-IJ-CX-0008Jennifer N. Shaffer, The Pennsylvania State University Dissertation Chair: Dr. R. Barry RubackAdolescent Victimization and Offending: Specifying the Role of Peer Groups and Social Context$20,000
2002-IJ-CX-0003Noelle Fearn, University of Missouri, St. Louis Dissertation Chair: Dr. Eric BaumerThe Influences of Community Context on the Processing and Sentencing of Felony Defendants in 54 U.S. Counties$15,000
2002-IJ-CX-0002Devah Iwalani Pager, University of Wisconsin Dissertation Chair: Dr. Robert M. HauserThe Consequences of a Criminal Record for Employment Opportunities$15,000
2001-WT-BX-0500Lynette Chow, The Pennsylvania State University Dissertation Chair: Dr. Michael P. JohnsonMaking decisions: A Multiple Models Approach to Assessing Risk of Repeat Domestic Violence$15,000
2001-WT-BX-0505Nancy Hirschinger, Rutgers University Dissertation Chair: Dr. Bonita M. VeyseyFemale-on-Female Assault in an Urban Area$15,000
2000-IJ-CX-0039Stephanie M. Myers, University at Albany Advisor: Dr. Robert E. Worden.Police Encounters with Juvenile Suspects: Explaining the Use of Authority and Provision of Support$15,000
2001-IJ-CX-0003Michele Moczygemba Connolly, University of Texas at Austin Dissertation Chair: Dr. William R. KellyOffender Prediction and Classification: The Development of Fourth-Generation Predictors$15,000
2001-IJ-CX-0001Jonathan Dudek, MCP Hahnemann University Dissertation Chair: Christine Maguth NezuWhen Silenced Voices Speak: An Exploratory Study of Prostitute Homicide$15,000
2001-IJ-CX-0005Aaron Kupchik, New York University Dissertation Chair: Dr. Jo DixonBetween Two Worlds: Prosecuting Adolescents in Juvenile and Criminal Courts$14,942
2001-IJ-CX-0009Dana Peterson Lynskey, University of Nebraska at Omaha Dissertation Chair: Dr. Finn EsbensenExplaining Males' and Females' Delinquency: A Multilevel Analysis of Individual and Contextual Factors$15,000
2001-IJ-CX-0007Paul J. Hirschfield, Northwestern University Dissertation Chair: Dr. John HaganThe Impact of Juvenile Justice Involvement on Educational Outcomes$15,000
2000-IJ-CX-0046Jarret S. Lovell, Rutgers University Dissertation Chair: Dr. George KellingMedia Power and Information Control: A Study of Police Organizations and Media Relations$15,000
Date Modified: August 12, 2014