Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the National Institute of Justice's Confidentiality and Human Subject Protection Requirements

Q: How do I know if my research involves human subjects?
A: Research that involves collecting or analyzing information obtained from an individual person read more
Q: What if my research does not involve human subjects and I will not be collecting any data identifiable to a private person?
A: You are required to complete the Privacy Certificate and Protection of Human read more
Q: Must I submit the Privacy Certificate and the Protection of Human Subjects Assurance Identification/IRB Certification/Declaration of Exemption form with my grant application?
A: No. However, you are strongly encouraged to do so. Completing the Privacy Certificate and read more
Q: If I receive an award with special funds withholding conditions for human subjects’ protection and privacy, how are these special conditions removed so funds are released for research activities?
A: They are removed when NIJ's Human Subjects Protection Officer has received the required read more
Q: What should I do if my institution does not have a U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) approved human subjects review program as indicated by a current Federalwide Assurance (FWA) number?
A: Find an IRB in your area and apply to have your project approved. Alternatively, you read more
Q: Should I inform my IRB of the DOJ regulations on human subjects protection and privacy?
A. Yes. It is suggested that NIJ-funded researchers provide links to the DOJ regulations in their read more
Q: How do I claim an exemption from the human subjects protection requirements?
A: If you believe your project is exempt from the human subjects protection requirements as read more
Q: Must I submit the form provided on NIJ’s Human Subjects Protection Web page titled “A Protection of Human Subjects Assurance Identification/IRB Certification/Declarations of Exemption” to prove that my institution has a FWA or that the study has been determined to be exempt?
No. However, you are strongly encouraged to do so. A letter submitted on institution letterhead read more
Q. If I am applying for an NIJ Fellowship, must I comply with the privacy certificate and the human subjects protection requirements?
A: Yes, all research sponsored or conducted by NIJ must meet these requirements.
Q. Does NIJ issue or accept certificates of confidentiality in place of a privacy certificate?
A: No. NIJ does not issue or accept Certificates of Confidentiality issued by National Institutes read more
Q. Does NIJ have an IRB?
A: No. NIJ has a Human Subjects Protection Officer who reviews IRB approvals from awardees to read more
Q: What do the subjects in my research need to know?
A. Subjects need to be informed that identifiable data collected with DOJ funds can only be used read more
Q: How do State mandatory reporting laws affect identifiable data collected under the DOJ privacy regulations?
A: Current or past abuse is not reportable, unless a separate consent to allow reporting is read more
Q: What is the relationship between the Common Rule and the Federal Regulation for the Protection of Human Subjects?
A: The "Common Rule" is the term used by eighteen federal agencies who have adopted the same read more
Q: What are the Subparts of the regulations?

A: Subpart A, known as the Common Rule, relates to human subjects research in general.

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Date Modified: October 13, 2011