Application Instructions for NIJ Challenge: Ultra-High Speed Apps: Using Current Technology to Improve Criminal Justice Operations, Phase II

The deadlines for this Challenge have passed. Thank you to everyone who submitted applications.

Phase II judging of the UHS Challenge has been unavoidably delayed but will take place shortly. Updates will be posted as they become available.

This page provides guidance on using the OJP Grants Management System to apply to the Ultra-High Speed Apps: Using Current Technology to Improve Criminal Justice Operations, Phase II (view the challenge).

This page includes:

Phase II Application Instructions

Phase II UHS application materials are to be submitted as attachments through the DOJ OJP GMS systems under the solicitation Ultra-High Speed Apps: Using Current Technology to Improve Criminal Justice Operations, Phase II. See GMS application instructions below.

Each application must include the following:

  • A brief (approximately four-minute) video describing the software application and its purpose, with an in-use demonstration.  Preferred media types are:  .mov, .mp4, or .avi.
  • A listing of each data set used.  This must include a description of the data set and the public web address where the data can be accessed.  If the data is not publicly accessible, the contestant must explain how the dataset can be accessed and used on an on-going and cost-efficient basis.
  • Retrieval instructions for the working software prototype and corresponding application.  This must include the internet location (address link) from which a copy of the software, application, and relevant data can be downloaded for quarantined testing.
  • File installation instructions.
  • File specifications (is it unpacked, all in the one package?).
  • System requirements (camera, memory, processor, etc.).
  • Minimum software version requirements (iOS, Android version).
  • A methodology (not exceeding 10 pages; 12 pt. font, double spaced; submitted in PDF format) for evaluating the ongoing impact of the software application - to include specific outcome measures and data collection method.
  • The name and contact information (email and telephone) of application team members who will be available to respond to technical and operational questions.

Submit Your Application in the Grants Management System

GMS Help Desk

Hours: 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. ET
Phone: 1-888-549-9901

  1. Log into the Grants Management System. Sign-in with your existing account.
  2. To apply online:
    • Go to
    • Log in using your existing account, or the account you just created.
    • On the left navigation menu, select "Funding Opportunities."
    • Search using "National Institute of Justice" as the Program Office, and select "Ultra-High Speed Apps: Using Current Technology to Improve Criminal Justice Operations, Phase II"
    • Select "Apply Online."
  3. Complete the online application. Note that GMS was designed to accept federal grant applications, not Challenges. We have provided guidance on navigating the system in the table below Guidance on Applying in the Grants Management System.
Guidance on Applying in GMS

Note: Unless specified, all fields are required. The Grants Management System does not validate any data against external information. The only internal check made is to ensure that the User ID is unique.
GMS FieldInstructionsNotes
Type of submissionAll applicants:Select "application/non-construction."
Type of applicationAll applicants:Select "new application."
EO12372All applicants:Enter N/A.Identifies if the application is subject to the State intergovernmental review process.
Federal DelinquencyAll applicants:Provide relevant information.For organizations, this applies to the applicant organization, not the person who signs as the authorized representative.
EINOrganization:Enter relevant number.
Individual:Enter "01-23456789"
Type of applicantAll applicants:Select "New"
Organizational UnitAll applicants:Review previously entered information.The primary organizational unit.
Legal NameOrganization:Enter name registered with the Central Contract Registry.The legal name of applicant that will undertake the assistance activity.

This information may be duplicative of information requested in the "Contact Information" section, but these cannot be left blank.
Individual:Enter personal information.
Vendor AddressOrganization:Complete address of vendor organization.
Individual:Enter personal information.
Contact InformationOrganization:Name and contact information of the person to be contacted on matters involving the application.
Individual:Enter same information as entered for the Vendor above.
Descriptive Title of Applicant's ProjectAll applicants:Enter a brief descriptive title of the project.
Areas Affected by ProjectAll applicants:Enter "Law Enforcement Community."List of political entities affected (e.g. State, County, City, etc)
Proposed Project Start DateAll applicants:Enter "October 16, 2014"
Proposed Project End DateAll applicants:Enter "November 28, 2014"
Congressional Districts of projectAll applicants:Enter District(s) affected by the program or project.You can find your Congressional District by submitting your ZIP Code to
Estimated FundingAll applicants:Enter $5,000 under "Federal."Leave all other fields blank.
Budget and Program AttachmentsAll applicants:Attach your project narrative and other documents you want to include as part of your application. You may or may not include budgetary information. Submitting budget information will not increase or decrease your chances of selection.
AssurancesAll applicants:GMS will prompt you to accept the following as part of the application process: - Certifications Regarding Lobbying.
- Debarment, Suspension and Other Responsibility Matters.
- Drug-Free Workplace requirements.
The Assurances were formulated for standard grant applications and may not be applicable to "Challenge" applications. However, you must accept the Assurances in order to complete the application process in GMS.
Authorized Signing OfficialOrganization:Enter relevant information.The contact information for the authorized representative of the applicant organization (i.e., the individual designated to accept the Challenge prize if the project is selected). This individual may be the same as identified in the "Contact Information" section, but this field cannot be left blank. If the applicant is a minor, enter information for the parent or legal guardian.
Individual:Enter personal information.
Submitting your applicationAll applicants:Be sure to hit "Submit."GMS will show green lights for each complete section. All sections must be complete before you can submit your application.
Date Created: September 26, 2014