Firearms and Violence Research Working Group

NIJ has contributed to the body of knowledge on guns and gun violence for more than two decades. It has funded studies about firearms in the areas of technology, forensic sciences and social sciences. NIJ's research has focused on three core areas: regulations and policy, illicit gun markets, and intervention and focused deterrence.

In 2011, NIJ established and convened the first meeting of a Firearms and Violence Research Working Group with experts from federal agencies, research experts and practitioners to identify topical areas that, if addressed, would advance our understanding of firearms violence and lead to effective strategies that could reduce gun-related violent crime. The group's report made clear that firearms and violence remains a topic in need of more research on many issues, including the criminal use of firearms, reducing gun violence, improving data systems for studying gun violence, and the effects of policies and legislations on public safety.

The Firearms and Violence Working Group is one of a number of topical working groups that provide NIJ with information about the current state of research on crime and criminal justice. Participants discuss the latest findings and emerging issues as well as identify questions and gaps in our knowledge base. NIJ disseminates summaries of topical working group discussions so that the field can use the information to enhance development of research efforts.

Read a summary of the 2011 working group meeting.

Date Created: September 3, 2013