Biometrics Research and Development Projects

The following table — Biometrics Research and Development Projects, 2005-10 — shows awards made by NIJ for biometric research and development projects. Both ongoing and completed projects are included.

See also awards to operate the Biometrics Center of Excellence.

Biometrics Research and Development Projects, 2005-10
Project Title
(links to description or final report when available)
Awardee Biometric Modalities Amount Award Number
Matching Forensic Sketches to Large Face Image Databases Michigan State University Face $459,983 2011-IJ-CX-K057
Multimode Imaging in the Thermal Infrared: Validation for Blood, Extension to Latent Prints University of South Carolina Research Foundation Fingerprint, Palmprint $667,388 2011-IJ-CX-K055
Image Stabilized Binoculars With Integrated 3-D Facial Recognition Imaging Capabilities StereoVision Imaging, Inc. Face $908,351 2010-IJ-CX-K001
West Virginia University Identification Technology Research and Transition Center (CITeR-TRAC) West Virginia University Research Corporation Various $1,000,000 2010-DD-BX-K037
Mobile Fingerprint Capture University of Massachusetts Lowell Fingerprint, Palmprint $456,992 2009-IJ-CX-K021
3-D Hand-Held Surveillance and Real Time Multimodal Recognition Device StereoVision Imaging, Inc. Face $483,433 2009-IJ-CX-K001
West Virginia University Identification Technology Research and Transition Center West Virginia University Research Corporation Various $1,000,000 2009-D1-BX-K105
Face Annotation at the Macro-Scale and the Micro-Scale: Tools, Techniques and Applications in Forensic Identification University of Notre Dame Face $760,256 2009-DN-BX-K231
Fast Capture Fingerprint Device Evaluation National Institute of Standards and Technology, Office of Law Enforcement Standards Fingerprint, Palmprint $500,000 2008-DN-R-121
Multimodal Biometric Fusion With Predictive Quality Metrics General Electric Company Multimodal Fusion $499,893 2007-MU-CX-K001
Automatic Fingerprint Matching Using Extended Feature Set (pdf, 66 pages) Michigan State University Fingerprint $393,168 2007-RG-CX-K183
Site-Adaptive Face Recognition at a Distance General Electric Company Face $496,341 2007-DE-BX-K191
Selective Feature-Based Quality Measure Plug-In for Iris Recognition System Indiana University Iris $84,858 2007-DE-BX-K182
Application of Level 3 Matching to Latent Finger and Palmprints Identix Incorporated, an L-1 Identity Solutions company Fingerprint, Palmprint $285,664 2007-RG-CX-K017
Algorithmic Fusion of Face and Iris Identix Incorporated, an L-1 Identity Solutions company Face, Iris, Multimodal Fusion $292,025 2007-DE-BX-K006
Active 3-D Face Capture General Electric Company Face $499,699 2006-IJ-CX-K045
Face Recognition From Video University of Notre Dame Face $362,476 2006-IJ-CX-K041
Facial and Iris-Based Biometric System New Jersey Institute of Technology Face, Iris, Multimodal Fusion $191,281 2006-IJ-CX-K033
Recognition of Noncooperative Individuals Using 3-D Face Biometric University of Southern California Face $498,000 2006-DE-BX-K006
Use of HDTV for In-Vehicle Cameras: Surveillance and Biometrics Purdue University Face $201,852 2006-IJ-CX-K125
Center for Advanced Biometric Research and Evaluation University of Notre Dame Face, Multimodal Fusion $246,661 2005-DD-CX-K078
Efficient, Field-Optimized, Multimodal Biometric System International Biometric Group Multimodal Fusion $431,556 2005-IJ-CX-K059
Facenorm: Normalization Plug-In for Improved Face Recognition of Noncooperative Individuals Carnegie Mellon University Face $496,737 2005-IJ-CX-K057
High-Quality 3-D Facial Images From Surveillance Video General Electric Company Face $499,962 2005-IJ-CX-K060
Fast Fingerprint Capture Technology to Capture Up to 10 Roll-Equivalent Fingerprints Within 15 Seconds TBS North America, Inc. Fingerprint $3,576,535 2005-IJ-CX-K071
Handshot ID: A Fast 3-D Imaging System for Capturing Fingerprints, Palmprints and Hand Geometry Carnegie Mellon University Fingerprint, Palmprint, Hand Geometry $1,533,341 2005-IJ-CX-K046
Fast Capture Fingerprint and Palmprint Technology Smiths Detection, Inc. Fingerprint, Palmprint $1,800,597 2005-IJ-CX-K067


Biometric Center of Excellence Awards
Project Title Awardee Biometric Modalities Amount Award Number
Sensors, Surveillance and Biometrics Center of Excellence Mantech Advanced Systems International, Inc. Various $3,500,000[1] 2010-IJ-CX-K024
Criminal Justice Technology Information and Sensor Systems Center of Excellence South Carolina Research Authority Various $1,976,134 2009-IJ-CX-K113
Sensors, Surveillance and Biometric Technologies Center of Excellence International Biometric Group Various $5,072,806 2007-MU-MU-K008
Sensor, Surveillance, and Biometrics Technologies for Criminal Justice BRTRC, Inc. Various $203,065 2005-IJ-CX-K058


[1] Includes awards of $2,000,000 in 2010 and $1,500,000 in 2011.

Date Modified: October 2, 2012