Communications Technology

Public safety officials make decisions about communications equipment policies and practices every day. The public safety communications industry is evolving almost daily as well. Users need assistance to evaluate the rapidly changing communications landscape.

Through its Communications Technology portfolio, the we are assisting law enforcement agencies to communicate across agency and jurisdictional boundaries.

Improving First Responders' Communications

Our communications technology portfolio focuses on many aspects of first responder communications operability — is the technology in place and working? — and interoperability — can multiple agencies communicate when and where they need to?

In partnership with other federal agencies and associations, our projects focus on:

  • Developing and evaluating emerging communication technology solutions for public safety agencies. See NIJ's Communication Technology Research Priorities.
  • Providing ongoing technology assistance through NIJ's National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center (NLECTC) system. See Communications Technology Assistance.
  • Working closely with public safety agencies that are testing and evaluating products in a real-world environment. See Communication Technology Testing and Evaluation.

NIJ also funds and supports projects to address national and regional radio spectrum issues and requirements.

Learn about Public Safety Spectrum and Regional Planning Committees on the FCC Web site and the Computer Assisted Pre-Coordination Resource and Database System (CAPRAD) Exit Notice that is helping to monitor and track first responder spectrum requirements and usage across the United States.

Date Created: November 13, 2007