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Computer Assisted Pre-Coordination Resource and Database System (CAPRAD)
This public safety spectrum management tool provides automated features to assist in management, assignment, and application of interoperability channels. It also serves as a repository for supplemental information, such as completed regional and state plans and a list of television channels with potential impact.

SAFECOM Department of Homeland Security

Through collaboration with emergency responders and policymakers across all levels of government, SAFECOM works to improve multi-jurisdictional and intergovernmental communications interoperability.Public Safety Technical Assistance Tools
Offers a collection of tools, resources and training on communication technology.

National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center
The NLECTC system's regional centers and specialty offices work directly with Federal, State, and local government agencies; community leaders; and scientists to foster technological innovations that result in new products, services, systems, and strategies for the Nation's criminal justice professionals.

Public Safety Communications Standards Program
Program of the National Institute of Standards and Technology's Law Enforcement Standards Office dedicated to supporting communication technology.

Office of Spectrum Management
The Office of Spectrum Management is responsible for managing the Federal Government's use of the radio frequency spectrum and has published the
 Federal Land Mobile Operations in the 162-174 MHz Band in the Washington, D.C., Area Phase 1: Study of Agency Operations (pdf, 144 pages).

Satellite Industry Association
The Satellite Industry Association; a  trade association representing the leading global satellite operators, service providers, manufacturers, launch services providers, and ground equipment suppliers; has published the First Responder's Guide to Satellite Communications.

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