Serial Number Restoration Training

Interested in Hosting a Free Serial Number Restoration Training Session at Your Lab?

The National Firearms Examiner Academy (NFEA) provides training for apprentice/entry-level firearm and toolmark examiners from federal, state and local law enforcement agencies. The Academy curriculum is composed of the fundamentals of firearms and toolmark examinations and serves as a basis for the trainee, under supervision, to develop into a qualified firearm and toolmark examiner. Following successful completion of the Academy and any additional training by their home laboratory the graduate should be able to:

  1. Independently and competently examine and compare physical evidence relating to firearm and toolmark identification.
  2. Independently reach conclusions and render opinions relating to their examinations and comparisons.
  3. Provide expert testimony in a professional, competent and impartial manner.

Host Laboratories

Applications to host this training will be accepted from law enforcement laboratories. Host laboratories will be required to provide various chemicals, supplies, firearms and facilities to accommodate the training. Supplies required include chemical reagents, spray bottles for water, adequate classroom and lab space, including two to three operating fuming hoods, power point projector and flip chart or blackboard. The host laboratory may invite the appropriate number of students their facility will accommodate. Please contact the training coordinators listed below for host agreement.

Prerequisites for Attendance

Students must currently work in the position of Firearms/Toolmark Examiner or Trainee in a forensic laboratory or provide documentation verifying that they perform restorations for their department. Students must bring lab coats and protective eyewear to class.

For Training Scheduled at State and Local Enforcement Laboratories:

Host laboratories may invite students from their lab as well as other jurisdictions. However, all students are required to complete and submit the State and Local Training Registration Request form available on this website. Students attending training at host labs must bring 10 firearms for restoration. Firearms that have been designated for destruction by a student's department may be used. Serial numbers will be obliterated during class practical exercises. There is no cost for the training, however students are responsible for their own travel, lodging and incidental expenses.

Contact Information

Please contact Training Manager Sheila Hopkins at (202) 648-6061, FAX (240) 264-1487 with any questions.

Date Modified: January 8, 2013