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NIJ Staff Directory

Office of the Director
Howard SpivakActing Director
Jennifer Scherer Deputy Director
Thomas Feucht (on detail)Executive Senior Science Advisor
Steve SchuetzS​enior Science Advisor/Physical Scientist
Maureen McGoughSenior Advisor
Cheryl Crawford WatsonHuman Subjects Protection Officer
Rhea WalkerSpecial Assistant
LaKisha HonoreAdministrative Officer
Kandace MorrisAdministrative Assistant (Contractor)
​Office of Communications
Barry Bratburd Office Director (Acting)
Lee MockensturmWriter/Editor
Doris WellsWriter/Editor
Tammy Holt
CrimeSolutions.gov (Contractor)
James Dawson Writer/Editor (Contractor)
Office of Grants Management (OGM)
Renee CooperOffice Director
Alissa GenoveseDivision Director
Alan SpanbauerDivision Director
​Brittany FitzhughAdministrative Assistant (Contractor)​
Cathy GirouardSenior Grant Manager
Laurie BrightSenior Grant Manager
Christine TorresGrant Manager
Patricia KashtanGrant Manager
Nancy MooreGrant Manager
Monte Evans IIGrant Manager
Natasha KenonGrant Manager
Jessica HighlandGrant Manager
Scott PrivetteGrant Manager
Sherry CochranGrant Manager
Shelia AndersonGrant Manager
Virginia Hernandez Grant Manager
Ted RobinsonGrant Manager
Office of Investigative and Forensic Sciences (OIFS)
Gerald LaPorteOffice Director
Heather WaltkeAssociate Office Director
Research and Technology Support Division Director
Ingrid HartwellAdministrative Assistant (Contractor)
Danielle McLeod-HenningPhysical Scientist
Research and Development
Gregory DuttonPhysical Scientist
Research and Development/Postconviction
Charles HeurichPhysical Scientist
DNA Backlog/Missing Persons/NamUs
Minh NguyenPhysical Scientist
DNA Research and Development/DNA Backlog
​Luther Schaeffer
Physical Scientist​
Paul Coverdell Program
Frances ScottPhysical Scientist
Research and Development/Paul Coverdell Program
Jonathan McGrathPolicy Analyst
​Carlos FaracoNIJ Fellow​
Danielle WeissContractor
Chad ErnstContractor
Dawn SchwartingContractor
Ruby ChaseContractor
Vanessa CastellanosContractor
Lisa BacheContractor
​Lindsay DePalmaContractor​
​Kristin PilgrimContractor​
Hannah BarcusContractor
Office of Operations
Portia GrahamOffice Director
Barry BratburdAssociate Office Director
Sherran ThomasProgram Operations Specialist
Contracts/Outgoing Reimbursable Agreements
Charlene HunterProgram Analyst
M&A Budget/Audit Liaison
Anna AndersonProgram Operations Specialist
Records Management
Margaret BattleGrants Management Specialist
Purchase Card Holder
Michelle ArbeitGrant Forecasting
Solicitation Management
Perminder Kaur
Compliance/Risk Management Specialist (Contractor)​
​Office of Research and Evaluation (ORE)
Seri Irazola
Office Director
Marilyn Mo​sesSocial Science Analyst
Special Projects
Marina MendozaNIJ Fellow
Yunsoo ParkNIJ Fellow
Jameela Conway-TurnerNIJ Fellow
Christin OgleNIJ Fellow
Andre RosayVisiting Fellow
Jennifer Holmes Graduate Research Assistant
Susanne Mitchell Graduate Research Assistant
Steven Hafner
Graduate Research Assistant
Meghan Doughty
Graduate Research Assistant&
Lizabeth Remrey
Graduate Research Assistant
Jacqueline Lee Graduate Research Assistant
Jenny AfkinichGraduate Research Assistant
Caroline Harmon-Darrow
Graduate Research Assistant
Justin Bernstein
Graduate Research Assistant
Lauren McGhee
Graduate Research Assistant
Kenneth Leon-Roosevelt
Graduate Research Assistant
Tiffany HardingContractor
ORE Crime, Violence and Victimization Division
Christine Crossland
Senior Social Science Analyst
Violence Against Indian Women
Carrie Mulford
Social Science Analyst
Elder Mistreatment/Teen Dating Violence/Juvenile Justice/Offender Decision-Making
Bethany BackesSocial Science Analyst
Victimization & Sexual Violence
Amy Leffler
Social Science Analyst
Trafficking/ Children Exposed to Violence/ Victimization/Juvenile Justice/Research Assistantship Program
ORE Justice Systems Research Division
Angela MooreDivision Director
Linda TruittSenior Social Science Analyst
Pretrial/Federal Sentencing/ Prosecution and Defense/Drugs & Crime/Courts
Marie GarciaSocial Science Analyst
Institutional & Community Corrections/ Offender Reentry
Brett ChapmanSocial Science Analyst/Policing
Eric MartinSocial Science Analyst
Offender Supervision/Drugs & Crime/ Courts/Policing/ Graduate Research Fellowship Program in the Social and Behavioral Sciences
ORE Crime and Crime Prevention Division
Phelan Wyrick
Division Director
Nadine FrederiqueSenior Social Science Analyst
School Safety, Crime Prevention, White-Collar Crime
Barbara “Basia” LopezSocial Science Analyst
Firearms Violence, School Safety
Aisha QureshiSocial Science Analyst
Domestic Radicalization to Violent Extremism
Mary Poulin CarltonSocial Science Analyst
School Safety, Crime Prevention
Office of Science and Technology (OST)
Chris TilleryOffice Director
Deitra SchneebergAdministrative Assistant (Contractor)
OST Research Division
William Ford
Division Director
Joel HuntComputer Scientist
Mapping and Analysis for Public Safety
Brian MontgomeryGeneral Engineer
Officer Safety
Martin NovakComputer Scientist
Digital Forensics
Jack HarnePhysical Scientist
Offender Supervision
Christopher RiganoComputer Scientist
Gerard ZitnikNIJ Fellow
Alisa MatlinResearch Assistant
OST Policy and Standards Division
Mark Greene
Division Director
Debra StoePhysical Scientist
Standards Policy
Joseph HeapsPhysical Scientist
Radio Frequency Spectrum Policy
Michael O'SheaProgram Manager
Compliance Testing Program
Date Modified: March 30, 2017