Crime Mapping Research Conference

In 2015, we again are joining the International Association of Crime Analysts to present research at their annual meeting.

Date: September 22-25, 2015
Location: Denver, Colo. 

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Today GIS and spatial analysis are routinely used with increasing effectiveness to examine multiple problems within a geographic framework. They are enhancing our understanding of the effect of "place" on a myriad issues.

In 1997 when NIJ sponsored the first Crime Mapping Research Conference, GIS and spatial analysis were emerging techniques. The Conference offered the field an opportunity to understand crime, criminal justice, and public safety and their effect on, and by place. It represented a range of research findings, practical applications, technology demonstrations and policy results.

In 2013, NIJ joined with the International Association of Crime Analysts to present research at IACA's annual meeting rather than sponsor a separate conference. This partnership brings together researchers and practitioners to improve upon theory, research and practice.

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