Bridging Research and Practice Program

NIJ is not currently accepting applications to the Bridging Research and Practice program.​

First Article Published!

With support from this program, NIJ grantee Dr. Stephen Gies wrote an article comparing two studies with very different results showing that GPS technology may be used to help prevent crime in various ways.

Read the article in a recent issue of the NIJ Journal.

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What is the Bridging Research and Practice Program?

NIJ’s Bridging Research and Practice (BRP) program provides funding to former NIJ grantees to share their findings with practitioner audiences.

Sometimes research produces results that affect an unanticipated audience, and as researchers engage in dissemination activities, they may become aware of new venues for dissemination to reach targeted audiences. NIJ offers financial support through BRP to former grantees for unanticipated dissemination activities to practitioners that arise after an award has closed.

What kind of dissemination can I do with BRP funding?

NIJ will consider funding activities such as:

  • Presenting at professional practitioner-focused conferences or webinars.
  • Publishing in trade journals or other practitioner publications, including blogs.
  • Recording videos or podcasts for practitioner audiences.
  • Engaging in any other reasonable means to reach practitioner audiences, such as writing a series of posts for electronic dissemination via blogs or webpages.

NIJ will not consider funding for:

  • Activities included in applicant’s original grant budget.
  • Activities that do not specifically promote the research conducted under the closed grant.
  • Conferences or publications (including academic journals) that primarily target a research audience.
  • Poster presentations at conferences.
  • Proposals from current grantees about an open grant.

Who can apply?

Applicants must be a project lead [1], co-lead or a partnering practitioner on a closed NIJ-funded research grant.

What do I need to do before I apply?

For conference and webinar presentations, the applicant must already be accepted to present on the NIJ-funded research at the event for which funds are requested.

For publications and multimedia products, applicants must have already contacted the editor/manager and had an abstract or other similar summary accepted.

For any other activities that could be used to reach practitioner audiences, the grantee must provide a marketing plan and a letter or an email demonstrating recognition of interest from an established practitioner audience.

How much financial support is available?

The amount of funding given will vary based on the activity proposed. BRP funds can be used to cover registration fees, lodging, travel, per diem, consultant pay and other transportation costs. Payments are prohibited to companies or institutions; applicants must be willing to enter into a personal services contract with NIJ’s vendor and receive a consultant fee based on a daily rate [2]. Payment cannot include fringe benefits, direct or indirect costs or other fees.

NIJ’s goal is to reach as broad an audience as possible within its limited budget. Accordingly, proposed activities and projects should have a small-scale budget and scope.

What should I tell NIJ in my application?

NIJ doesn’t have specific requirements regarding the scope or scale of the proposed conference or publication. However, the following factors are taken into account when reviewing applications:

  • Size of audience relative to the size of that practitioner group.
  • Audience need for specific information.
    • Have these results already been communicated to the audience through different venues?
    • Are these results particularly relevant/potentially impactful to the proposed audience?
  • Demonstrated ability to effectively communicate results specific to target audience.
  • Whether the grantee should have reasonably been expected and budgeted for the proposed activity in their research grant.

How do I Apply?

Former grantees interested in receiving BRP funding should complete the application form and send it to NIJBRP@ojp.usdoj.gov along with any other necessary supporting documents as attachments.

Applications will be considered on a rolling basis. Funds are limited, and applicants are encouraged to submit their proposals as soon as possible.

For applications with external deadlines and considerations (such as the date of a conference or a magazine’s production schedule), please note that the full cycle of application consideration, recipient notification and recipient receipt of monetary support will take approximately eight weeks.

Applicants will be notified within approximately three weeks of submission whether their proposals have been accepted.


[note 1] A project lead is a principal investigator or any other individual responsible for personally conducting or supervising the conduct of research who bears the burden of ensuring that project goals are met.

[note 2] NIJ daily rates start at $450 and are not-to-exceed $650 per day. Applicants requesting $650 per day must provide proof of being compensated for similar work at this rate or higher by other federal, state or local governments; or private organizations. Please provide proof by way of receipt as an attachment to your application.

Date Modified: June 17, 2016​