Data Resources Program

The Data Resources Program (DRP) has promoted the preservation of data collected through NIJ research and evaluation since 1978. DRP strives to increase the transparency of NIJ-funded research by making resulting data publically available for further analyses.

Through DRP, data collected as a part of NIJ research are archived and made available to support new research aimed at reproducing original findings, replicating results and testing new hypotheses. DRP also provides funding for the analysis of secondary data in an annual research solicitation.

Data Resources Program has 2 parts: DRP Funding for the Analysis of Existing Data and National Archives of Criminal Justice Data 

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There are three ways to be involved with DRP:

  1. As an Applicant for Funding —
  2. As a UserLearn how to access and use data sets.
  3. As a GranteeLearn about submitting required data.
Date Modified: April 26, 2016