Books in Brief

The Delinquent Girl

Margaret A. Zahn, ed.
Temple University Press, 2009

During the past decade and a half, girls' involvement in the juvenile justice system has increased. Yet the topic remains understudied by criminologists. The Delinquent Girl identifies and analyzes the types of girls who become delinquent, the kinds of crimes they commit and the reasons they commit them. Contributors examine the major theories and explanations of female delinquency and consider the "gender gap" between male and female offenders. The book also provides an overview of the research on girls' delinquency, discusses policy implications and points to areas in which further research is needed.

Handbook of Biometrics

Anil K. Jain, Patrick Flynn and Arun A. Ross, eds.
Springer, 2008

Biometric recognition — using physical or behavioral characteristics (e.g., fingerprints, face, voice or hand geometry) to identify an individual — is a swiftly evolving science. The Handbook of Biometrics provides an overview of the technologies, applications and implementation of biometric systems. Researchers in the field discuss the basic concepts and traits as well as the latest advancements. The handbook is broken into three areas: individual biometric modalities, multibiometrics, and the deployment of biometrics in government and civilian applications. It also provides extensive bibliographies for the topical areas.

Handbook of Fingerprint Recognition

Davide Maltoni, Dario Maio, Anil K. Jain and Salil Prabhakar
Springer, 2003

Fingerprint recognition, despite its use in the forensics community for more than a century, still presents a complex and important pattern recognition problem. The Handbook of Fingerprint Recognition covers the most recent advances and practices in the field, including sensing, feature extraction and matching, synthetic fingerprint image generation, indexing, and multimodal systems. The authors discuss the major concepts, topics and security methods associated with fingerprint recognition systems. The handbook also includes a DVD containing the full versions of the FVC2002 and FVC2000 fingerprint databases and a demo version of SFinGe, software used for synthetic fingerprint image generation.

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