Typical Assessment Findings

Sidebar to the article The Grant Progress Assessment Program: Looking Back on Success and Moving Forward by Patricia Kashtan, Jolene Hernon and Beth Pearsall

These are actual findings discovered and reported by Grant Progress Assessment assessors and reported to NIJ:

  • Grant funds were being used to support activity that did not reflect the goals outlined in the proposal.
  • No progress had been made in producing deliverables 18 months into the award.
  • Grant-funded equipment was not being used.
  • The grantee's records did not separate cases worked with grant funds and those worked with regular salary funds.
  • The maximum daily rate provided to contractors exceeded the maximum allowable daily rate of $450.
  • The number of cases reviewed listed in progress reports counted the same cases for different project periods.
  • The grantee used funds for a conference unrelated to DNA backlog analysis.
  • Funds in the consultants/contract budget category were encumbered prior to the award start date.
  • The grantee issued a sole source purchase order before receiving approval.
  • The grantee used funds from the consultant category, which had a zero budget.
Date Created: February 27, 2013