Video: Solicitation Webinar - Elder Abuse Prevention Demonstration Project, Planning Phase

To assist pot​​ential a​​​pplicants in developing strong proposals, we are hosting educational webinars for interested stakeholders to learn more about the research goals, technical and submission requirements, and program objectives.

In this webinar we discussed the solicitation "Elder Abuse Prevention Demonstration Project: Planning Phase."

NIJ is seeking proposals for a rigorous, multi-year demonstration project to prevent abuse, neglect, and/or financial exploitation among community-residing elderly individuals identified to be at risk. Successful proposals will develop an intervention that: (1) specifies a theory of change, (2) builds upon evidence-based violence prevention interventions in related areas, (3) identifies a rationale and strategy for selecting participants, and (4) is designed to be replicated, scaled up, and independently evaluated if the demonstration project indicates effectiveness in preventing elder abuse.

Download the solicitation (pdf, 30 pages)

Download the slides (pdf, 18 pages)

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Date Created: March 3, 2016