Video: Violence Against Women Research Consortium Solicitation Webinar 

This webinar will provide details and guidance for potential applicants to NIJ’s solicitation, “Violence Against Women Consortium.” NIJ seeks to fund a research consortium focused on topical areas related to violence against women to include domestic and intimate partner violence, sexual violence, stalking, and teen dating violence. The research consortium is expected to be an interdisciplinary team of researchers representing expertise broadly across violence against women. The research consortium will support NIJ in a variety of research, evaluation, and planning tasks on an ongoing basis throughout the duration of the award. NIJ expects proposals to include a core team of research faculty operating under the consortium who have knowledge and expertise on specific VAW topics as well as a combination of technical and methodological skills. The violence against women research consortium will be awarded as a cooperative agreement with NIJ serving as a collaborative partner. Up to $5,000,000 will be available to support the consortium over a 48-60 month project period.

Download the solicitation (pdf, 33 pages).

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