​NIJ Audio: Impression Evidence: Strengthening the Disciplines of Fingerprints, Firearms, Footwear, and Other Pattern and Impression Sciences Through Research

NIJ Conference Panel
June 2010

Forensic examinations involving specific forensic science disciplines are typically dependent upon qualitative analyses and expert interpretation of observed patterns based on a scientific foundation, rather than quantitative results. These disciplines include latent fingerprints, questioned documents, footwear, and other forms of impression and pattern evidence. This panel will highlight current fundamental research needs in the areas of impression evidence examination and how NIJ is addressing those needs through its forensic research and development portfolio within the Office of Investigative and Forensic Sciences.

Gerry LaPorte and Tom Busey Forensic Policy Program Manager and Physical Scientist, National Institute of Justice
Professor of Cognitive Science, Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences, Indiana University, Bloomington

Lynn Abbott Associate Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Virginia Tech

Sargur Srihari SUNY Distinguished Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University at Buffalo, The State University of New York

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