NIJ Research Report Digest

NIJ no longer is publishing the Research Report Digest. You can find all our recently posted publications, complete with links to abstracts, on our Recently Published page. You also can use our Advanced Search to search the full text or abstracts of all our publications.

Digging into the Data

NIJ posts datasets from completed research. Check out the 25 most recent datasets.

The Research Report Digest presents findings from research funded by the National Institute of Justice. Here you will find brief descriptions of studies in a variety of criminal justice disciplines, such as criminology and forensic sciences, and evaluations of technologies that are used in the law enforcement and corrections fields. The entries include links to the full research reports.

The Research Report Digest will keep you informed of all our final grant reports and supplements information that is published in the NIJ Journal and on our website.

If you have any questions about these NIJ studies, contact us at Ask NIJ.

Research Report Digest Issues

Each issue includes reports based on NIJ-funded research that were added to the NCJRS Abstracts Database from the time period noted.

Date Modified: June 3, 2014