Prison Rape Publications

NIJ-Sponsored Articles

NIJ's Response to the Prison Rape Elimination Act (pdf, 2 pages) , Corrections Today, February 2006: 60–61.

Grant Reports Sponsored by NIJ

Addressing Sexual Violence in Prisons: A National Snapshot of Approaches and Highlights of Innovative Strategies , by Janine M. Zweig, Rebecca L. Naser, John Blackmore, and Megan Schaffer, October 2006, NCJ 216856.

The Culture of Prison Sexual Violence, by Mark S. Fleisher and Jessie L. Krienert, November 2006, NCJ 216515.

Sexual Violence in the Texas Prison System, by James Austin, Tony Fabel, Angela Gunter, and Ken McGinnis, March 2006, NCJ 215774.

Published by the U.S. Department of Justice

Prison Rape: A Critical Review of the Literature, by Gerald G. Gaes and Andrew L. Goldberg, March 2004, NCJ 213365.

Annual Report to Congress: National Institute of Corrections: Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) Public Law 108–79, National Institute of Corrections

Date Created: November 5, 2007