SACSI Grant Reports

Key findings from the Strategic Approaches to Community Safety Initiative (SACSI) are summarized in Paving the Way for Project Safe Neighborhoods: SACSI in 10 U.S. Cities, by J. Roehl et al., April 2008, NCJ 216298. This Research in Brief was derived from an NIJ grant report that summarized and evaluated findings from 10 SACSI sites:

The other SACSI grant reports below describe how complex gun violence partnerships are forged and interventions designed, implemented and evaluated.

See also the 2008 NIJ Research Report Paving the Way for Project Safe Neighborhoods and Targeted Crime Reduction Efforts in Ten Communities – Lessons for the Project Safe Neighborhoods Initiative (pdf, 62 pages) from Project Safe Neighborhoods: A Network to Make America's Communities Safer.

Date Created: July 1, 2008