Other Web Resources on Hate Crime

Federal Government

Federal Bureau of Investigation, Hate Crime Statistics Page
Hate Crime Statistics presents data regarding incidents, offenses, victims, and offenders in reported crimes that were motivated in whole or in part by a bias against the victim's perceived race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or disability.

Office for Victims of Crime
Enhances the Nation's capacity to assist crime victims and provides leadership in changing attitudes, policies, and practices to promote justice and healing for all crime victims. OVC's Hate and Bias Crimes Web pages link to numerous resources about, and organizations that serve hate crime victims.

National Criminal Justice Reference Service
A federally funded resource offering justice and substance abuse information to support research, policy, and program development worldwide. Spotlight on Hate Crime provides information about bias legislation, grants, publications, and training and technical assistance.

Other National Hate Crime Resources

Anti-Defamation League
ADL fights against anti-Semitism and other types of bigotry; helps victims of discrimination or bias-motivated violence achieve redress of grievances through mediation, administration, or judicial means; and trains law enforcement agencies on responding to victims of bias crimes.

Center for the Prevention of Hate Violence
CPHV produces research-driven reports on bias, discrimination, and violence against targeted groups, and develops and implements training and education programs to assist businesses, nonprofit organizations, schools, and law enforcement agencies in preventing hate crimes.

Southern Poverty Law Center
Provides legal services in hate crimes, civil rights, and class action cases and works to educate the public through films and publications. Its Intelligence Report monitors white supremacist groups and hate crimes in the United States.
Date Modified: June 11, 2010