Drugs and Crime Research​

Apply for research and evaluation funding! We have released the fiscal year 2017 Research and Evaluation on Drugs and Crimes Solicitation (pdf, 40 pages)

NIJ has extended the application deadline to April 24, 2017. 

We held a webinar on February 22 to discuss this solicitation. You now may view the recordingread the transcript, or download the slides (pdf, 17 pages).

The National Institute of Justice sponsors research on alcohol and others drugs in the context of the criminal justice system to promote effective law enforcement, court and corrections responses to illegal drug markets and criminal behavior related to illicit drug use. ​

Research Portfolio

NIJ's drugs and crime research informs crime reduction through several approaches:


NIJ funds projects to increase the field's understanding of patterns between drugs, alcohol, violence and crime to inform communities and service providers.

See for example, ​research about whether domestic violence abusers are likely to be drug and/or alcohol abu​sers (pdf)​.

See a list of NIJ-funded epidemiology research projects.

Prevention and Intervention

NIJ funds projects to identify and evaluate policies and programs (including treatment) to prevent, deter or reduce drug- and alcohol-related crime. See:

See a list of NIJ-funded prevention and intervention research projects.

Drug Markets

NIJ funds projects to increase the field's understanding about the dynamics of drug production and distribution in domestic and international markets. See:

See a list of NIJ-funded research projects on drug markets.

Market Disruption

NIJ funds projects to identify and evaluate strategies to disrupt drug markets at different levels and by type of market. See:

See a list of NIJ-funded research projects on market disruption.


NIJ funds projects to identify and assess drug detection methods, technologies and strategies for law enforcement and offender monitoring. See:

See a list of NIJ-funded technology and forensic research projects.

NIJ's projects are often developed in collaboration with other federal agencies including:

Date Modified: March 22, 2017