Public Laboratories Funding Research Fellowships

Submit contact information to connect with postgraduate researchers in preparing your application for the fiscal year 2018 solicitation "Research and Evaluation for the Testing and Interpretation of Physical Evidence

The application deadline for the fiscal year 2018 solicitation has passed.

We will continue to maintain and update this list to connect potential fellows and laboratories for future opportunities under this program.

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This forthcoming solicitation from NIJ will support publicly funded forensic labs to improve lab practice and policy.

Under this program, we make awards for research and evaluation projects that will:

  1. Identify and inform the forensic community of best practices through the evaluation of existing laboratory protocols.
  2. Have a direct and immediate impact on laboratory efficiency and assist in making laboratory policy decisions. 

View a list of past awards made under this solicitation.

To allow for the addition of this work to existing casework demands, and to foster collaboration between emerging forensic science researchers and forensic science laboratories, NIJ strongly encourages publicly funded forensic laboratories applying to the fiscal year 2018 solicitation to consider funding a postgraduate fellowship through this award at your facility. This research model will encourage new research scientists to pursue careers in forensic science, allow the laboratory to benefit from the fellow’s research skills as they work on the proposed project, and decrease the amount of time which the forensic scientist must take away from their own casework to work on the proposed project .

To help postgraduate researchers connect with publicly funded laboratories, we are collecting and posting to contact information for interested labs.

See the Contact List

View a list of labs that already have submitted their contact information.

If you would like to add your lab to that list:

  1. Identify a point of contact for your lab.
  2. Determine what research areas your lab may explore with this funding (or, what forensic discipline to potentially explore).
  3. Send point of contact email address and a brief description of research areas to with the subject line, “Public Lab Fellowship Interest.”

Note that submitting your contact information does not guarantee you will be contacted by a researcher nor will it be considered when your application is reviewed should you submit one.

Date Created: May 8, 2018