Awards in Fiscal Year 2004 Under the Paul Coverdell Forensic Sciences Improvement Grants Program

FY2004 Coverdell Report to Congress - Funding Table
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States and Units of Local Government
Alabama $223,309
 BaseCompetitiveProject Description
Alabama Dept. of Economic and Community Affairs$102,842$80,233The project will: 1) improve the infrastructure and analysis capacity of the ADFS's two toxicology laboratories; 2) provide each toxicology laboratory with a new enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) instrument and supplies for rapid, yet accurate drug and/or drug metabolite screening; and 3)provide for the out-sourcing of 300-400 toxicology cases to private vendor laboratories.
Jefferson County Coroner/ME Office $40,234Funds will be used to purchase a DEXIS radiographic dental X-Ray machine.
Alaska $57,052
 BaseCompetitiveProject Description
Alaska Department of Public Safety$57,052 Funds will be used for: 1) personnel; 2) updating/replacement of computers; 3) education; 4) training; and 5) certification of lab analysts.
Arizona $207,752
 BaseCompetitiveProject Description
Arizona Criminal Justice Commission$127,522$80,230Grant funds will be used to: 1) provide training and education; 2) laboratory information management system upgrades; 3) equipment and accreditation costs. Agencies working in a collaborative statewide effort include; Arizona Department of Public Safety Crime Laboratory, Maricopa County Office of the Medical Examiner, Mesa Police Department Crime Laboratory, Scottsdale Police Department Crime Laboratory, Pima County Office of the Medical Examiner and Tucson Police Department Crime Laboratory.
Arkansas $62,283
 BaseCompetitiveProject Description
Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration$62,283 The laboratory will use grant funds to purchase an Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer with a SI(Li) detector.
California $971,286
 BaseCompetitiveProject Description
Governor's Office of Emergency Services$810,820 This project will provide education and training to over 600 forensic scientists to ensure they effectively and efficiently perform their laboratory work. The project will continue the successful education/training program for operational forensic scientists established in 2002 and continuing in 2003 with Coverdell funding.
Orange County Sheriff Coroner $80,233Funds will be used to purchase: 1) Gas Chromatograph; 2) ballistic testing equipment; 3) a fuming chamber; 4) data analysis software; 5) an analytical balance. Additionally, the grantee will contract to have de-ionized water provided to the laboratory.
County of Ventura $80,233Funds will be used to purchase a Liquid Chromatograph/Mass Spectrometer.
Colorado $123,194
 BaseCompetitiveProject Description
Colorado DPS, Division of Criminal Justice$103,983 This project will upgrade the Quality Systems program in the State's forensic laboratory system and purchase computer hardware and software to support the Quality Management system.
Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office $19,211Funds will be used to provide training for two new laboratory personnel; maintain proficiency and certifications for existing personnel.
 BaseCompetitiveProject Description
Connecticut Office of Policy and Management$79,595 The State of Connecticut use Coverdell funds is to purchase equipment to increase quality and efficiency in the Forensic Science Laboratory and the Medical Examiner's Office.
Delaware $57,052
 BaseCompetitiveProject Description
Delaware Criminal Justice Council$57,052 The project will convert the existing film-based dental X-ray technology to a DEXIS digital radiography system at the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner.
District of Columbia $57,052
 BaseCompetitiveProject Description
District of Columbia Justice Grants
$57,052 This is a two-part project: 1) the OCME proposes to identify, purchase and install the necessary equipment to take radiographs and/or fluoroscopic images using a portable X-ray machine; and 2) to contract out for DNA services to identify decomposed decedents, where the normal identification procedure using visual, dental, or fingerprints does not work.
Florida $559,479
 BaseCompetitiveProject Description
Florida Department of Law Enforcement$388,886 The program will purchase instrumentation, supplies and equipment to provide more efficient processing of evidence and thus decrease turnaround time in forensic laboratories within the FDLE system.
Hillsborough County Medical Examiner $72,423Funds will be used to purchase toxicology analysis equipment for the medical examiner's office.
Hernando County Sheriff's Office $45,937Funds will be used to purchase an automated fingerprint and palm print Identification system, and to provide training for a data entry clerk.
Pinellas County $52,233Funds will be used to purchase and validate an automated Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) workstation and to train employees.
Georgia $433,603
 BaseCompetitiveProject Description
Georgia Criminal Justice Coordinating Council$198,453$78,034The funds will be used to purchase equipment for the Trace Analysis Section, the LIMS system, the Toxicology Section and the Medical Examiners. The equipment will permit improvements to the quality and/or speed of service provided by the laboratory and the Medical Examiners. Additionally, the project will also fund a part-time forensic odontologist to examine skeletal remains.
City of Savannah $76,883Funds will be used to purchase a Live Scan fingerprint system and related fingerprint matching software.
Fulton County Medical Examiner $80,233Funds will be used to purchase: 1) laboratory equipment; 2) supplies; 3) computer hardware and software; and 4) digital imaging equipment. Additionally, funds will be used for training and certification of laboratory analysts.
Hawaii $57,052
 BaseCompetitiveProject Description
Hawaii Department of the Attorney General$57,052 Funds will be used to install the appropriate infrastructure to expand the laboratory's evidence drying capacity and to enhance the laboratory's ability to process vehicles and preserve evidence.
Idaho $57,052
 BaseCompetitiveProject Description
Idaho State Police$57,052 This project will provide forensic scientists with additional and replacement equipment that will increase the efficiency of current methodologies; and hire a part-time employee for the Latent Section to process evidence for latent prints.
Illinois $289,134
 BaseCompetitiveProject Description
Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority$289,134 The forensic sciences laboratories in Illinois will utilize funding to: 1) upgrade/purchase computer hardware and software; 2) upgrade laboratory information management systems and procure additional analytical equipment/supplies; 3) maintain accreditation status; and 4) provide training to forensic analysts.
Indiana $141,571
 BaseCompetitiveProject Description
Indiana Criminal Justice Institute$141,571 The project will provide funding for: 1) a Digital Photo Imaging Processor Forensic Video Package; 2) ten (10) digital cameras; and 3) the cost of training associated with the video system.
Iowa $67,272
 BaseCompetitiveProject Description
Iowa Governor's Office of Drug Control Policy$67,272 The program will consist of: (1) a Report Distribution Enhancement system; (2) computer hardware for the Department of Public Health/Medical Examiner's Office; and (3) training for death investigators.
Kansas $62,232
Kansas Criminal Justice Coordinating Council$62,232 The program will: 1) add an evidence specialist position to the KBI; 2) allow for additional funds for overtime for KBI personnel; and 3) provide for continuing education requirements.
Kentucky $94,092
 BaseCompetitiveProject Description
Kentucky Justice And Public Safety Cabinet$94,092 The Kentucky State Police Forensic Laboratories and the Kentucky Medical Examiner's Program have a combined project to achieve four goals: (1) seminar/conference training opportunities; (2) continuing education toward a Forensic Toxicology Master's Degree; (3) new histology equipment; (4) new computers to implement a new laboratory information management computer system.
Louisiana $182,974
 BaseCompetitiveProject Description
Louisiana Commission on Law Enforcement and Administration of Justice$102,741$80,233Funds will be used to achieve and/or maintain ASCLD/LAB accreditation for laboratories within the State.
Maine $57,052
 BaseCompetitiveProject Description
Maine Department of Public Safety$57,052 The program will: 1) provide equipment and education and training for the Maine State Police Crime Lab; 2) provide computers and photography equipment for the Chief Medical Examiner's Office; and 3) provide computer equipment, accreditation and certification for the Maine Health and Environmental Testing Lab.
Maryland $284,195
 BaseCompetitiveProject Description
Maryland Governor's Office of Crime Control Policy$125,879 Funds will be used to: 1) purchase laboratory equipment; 2)provide education, training and ASCLD-LAB accreditation costs for laboratories participating in the state task force plan.
Maryland Office of the Chief Medical Examiner $80,083Funds will be used to: 1) purchase laboratory equipment; 2) purchase computer hardware and software; and 3) provide education and training opportunities for personnel in the medical examiner's office.
Baltimore County Police Department $78,233Funds will be used to purchase information management systems and related computer equipment.
Massachusetts $147,004
 BaseCompetitiveProject Description
Massachusetts State Police$147,004 Project goals include: (1) training of personnel; (2) validations of higher throughput production methods, technologies and preparative kits; (3) upgrades and repairs to current facilities; (4) obtain annual proficiency tests and training evaluation challenge materials to insure accreditation compliance by all current and newly-hired examiners for MSP forensic service providers; (5) funding for temporary staff; and (6) subcontracting of Coverdell "base funds" through MSP to the Boston Police Department Crime Laboratory in support of their accredited forensic services.
Michigan $230,328
 BaseCompetitiveProject Description
Michigan Crime Victims Services Commission$230,328 The program will provide for the purchase of a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) for the Forensic Science Division of the Michigan State Police.
Minnesota $190,119
 BaseCompetitiveProject Description
Minnesota Department of Public Safety$115,607 Funds will be used for the development and implementation of an ongoing plan of action to continue to improve the quality, timeliness and credibility of all forensic science services to the Minnesota criminal justice community.
City of Minneapolis Police Department $74,512Funds will be used to purchase imaging equipment for firearms, ballistics and tool mark examinations.
Mississippi $146,070
 BaseCompetitiveProject Description
Mississippi Division of Public Safety Planning$65,837$80,233Funds will be used to acquire and implement a medical examiner information management system and to hire a case coordinator in the State Medical Examiner's Office.
Missouri $290,589
 BaseCompetitiveProject Description
Missouri Department of Public Safety$130,332$80,233The program will: 1) provide professional training in a variety of forensic science disciplines including DNA testing, firearms, impression evidence, and drug/toxicology; 2) will allow crime laboratory personnel to attend professional forensic science organization meetings and workshops; and 3) allow Southeast Missouri State University to purchase firearms and ballistic testing equipment.
St. Louis County Police Department $80,024Funding will be used to: 1) purchase equipment and software; 2) prepare for ASCLD-LAB accreditation; and 3) provide training to non-DNA analysts.
Montana $57,052
 BaseCompetitiveProject Description
Montana Board of Crime Control$57,052 The program will: 1) offer training to existing staff and 2) provide funds to hire additional staffing to address the backlog in the DNA/Serology Section of the state laboratory.
Nebraska $57,052
 BaseCompetitiveProject Description
Nebraska State Patrol$57,052 The goal of this project is to improve the quality and timeliness of forensic laboratory services available within the state of Nebraska through the implementation of a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS).
Nevada $80,233
 BaseCompetitiveProject Description
Nevada Department of Public SafetyN/A Did Not Apply for FY2004 Coverdell Base Funding.
Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department $80,233Las Vegas MPD will purchase: 1) digital imaging workstations; 2) digital cameras; 3) stereomicroscopes; and 4) other laboratory equipment.
New Hampshire $57,052
 BaseCompetitiveProject Description
New Hampshire Department of Justice$57,052 This project will provide funding for: 1) part-time staff; 2) laboratory and computer equipment; and 3) accreditation fees.
New Jersey $347,797
 BaseCompetitiveProject Description
New Jersey Department of Law and Public Safety$197,387 The New Jersey State Police Office of Forensic Science proposes to develop and execute a program designed to assist various state and local agencies in their pursuit of increased cooperation and ASCLD certification for all forensic laboratories in the state.
Ocean County Sheriffs Department $70,177Funds will be used to purchase a Gas Chromatograph/Mass Spectrometer to reduce backlog of arson and narcotics cases.
County of Middlesex $80,233Funds will be used to purchase autopsy and photography equipment for the medical examiner's office.
New Mexico $57,052
 BaseCompetitiveProject Description
New Mexico Department of Public Safety$57,052 This project will: (1) provide training to laboratory staff; (2) provide continuing education opportunities; and (3) identify and implement technological innovations, maximizing analysis capabilities and potential of physical evidence and information reporting. These objectives will be met through cooperation and coordination of the state's forensic service agencies, the Metropolitan Forensic Science Center (MFSC), the Office of the Medical Investigator (OMI), and the Department of Public Safety Crime Laboratories (DPS).
New York $438,494
 BaseCompetitiveProject Description
New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services$438,494 The NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) will sub-grant funds to thirteen state and local forensic laboratories operating in New York State for laboratory equipment, training, and personnel.
North Carolina $192,106
 BaseCompetitiveProject Description
North Carolina Department of Crime
Control and Public Safety
$192,106 The project will provide for: 1) the purchase equipment that can be used to speed casework or automate processes; 2) the training of analysts to facilitate the increased professionalism and knowledge base of the forensic staff; 3) the payment of fees and dues to maintain laboratory accreditation; and 4) the upgrading LIMS systems.
North Dakota $57,052
 BaseCompetitiveProject Description
North Dakota Office of the Attorney General$57,052 Funding will be used to complete three objectives: (1) hiring an architect to analyze the cost/benefits involving construction or renovation of the laboratory; (2) contracting to employ an evidence technician; and (3) contracting with the Information Technology Division within the Attorney General's Office to write a web-based application to reduce paperwork within the Toxicology Division.
Ohio $497,949
 BaseCompetitiveProject Description
Ohio Office of Criminal Justice Services$261,308 The project will provide funds to: 1) purchase equipment; 2) maintain accreditation; and 3) provide training and education opportunities.
Hamilton County Coroner's Office $79,175Funds will be used to purchase forensic analysis equipment for the Trace Evidence Section.
City of Mansfield $77,233Funds will be used to purchase a Gas Chromatograph/Mass Selective Detector for drug analysis.
Montgomery County $80,233Funds will be used to increase laboratory automation through the purchase of equipment.
Oklahoma $80,239
 BaseCompetitiveProject Description
Oklahoma District Attorney's Council$80,239 Program funds will be used to continue to strengthen the infrastructure of each forensic lab through the purchase of: (1) computerization; (2) lab equipment;( 3) facilities; (4) supplies; and/or, (5) attendance at training.
Oregon $154,270
 BaseCompetitiveProject Description
State of Oregon/Oregon State Police$81,337$72,933Funding will be used to: 1) provide training forensic analysts; 2) evaluate the Quality Assurance Program; and 3) prepare for and obtain ASCLD/LAB accreditation.
Pennsylvania $282,550
 BaseCompetitiveProject Description
Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency$282,550 The program provides funding for projects in forensic science laboratories in three counties, the City of Philadelphia, and the State of Pennsylvania.
Rhode Island $57,052
 BaseCompetitiveProject Description
Rhode Island Justice Commission$57,052 These funds will be used for the second phase of an accreditation project. A Quality Assurance Manager will be hired to interact with the RI State Crime Laboratory and the Department of Health Forensic Science Laboratory to write a policies and procedures manual needed for the accreditation process.
South Carolina $129,995
 BaseCompetitiveProject Description
South Carolina Department of Public Safety$94,762 The program will provide funds to: 1) acquire and distribute updated sexual assault and toxicological kits to coroner's offices and law enforcement agencies; 2) acquire, install, and utilize new computer systems and related items in the Evidence Department; and 3) acquire, install, and utilize two new alternative light sources in the Evidence Department.
Greenville County Medical Examiner $35,233The Greenville County Medical Examiner will convert existing film-based dental X-ray technology to digital radiography.
South Dakota $97,697
 BaseCompetitiveProject Description
South Dakota Office of the Attorney General$17,465$80,232Funds will be used to purchase a Forensic Image Processing System for the latent print section; and provide training for three laboratory employees.
Tennessee $133,484
 BaseCompetitiveProject Description
Tennessee Department of Finance &
$133,484 Funds will be used to purchase two pieces of laboratory equipment: (1) a comparison microscope and digital imaging station to produce quality photographic documentation of microscopic examinations and comparison of firearm and tool mark evidence; (2) a GRIM3 (Glass Refractive Index Measurement System) for the analysis of the optical properties of glass to determine the sample's source.
Texas $782,658
 BaseCompetitiveProject Description
Texas Office of the Governor, Criminal
Justice Division
$505,408 The Governor's Criminal Justice Division (CJD) will issue sub grants to accredited DPS crime laboratories. These funds will focus on reducing the backlog of forensic evidence by addressing the problem areas of drug analysis, firearms examination, and trace evidence analysis. Funding will be used for personnel, supplies, and equipment in all the above disciplines.
Dallas County / Southwestern Institute of Forensic Science $80,233Funds will be used to hire "visiting forensic scientists" to reduce the backlog of cases in the Firearms and Tool Mark Section.
City of Waco $38,733Funds will be used to renovate the existing forensic lab to create a firearms testing laboratory.
County of Galveston / UT Medical Branch $80,233Funds will be used to purchase a portable X-ray machine, autopsy equipment and a computer server.
Jefferson County Regional Crime Lab $78,051Funds will be used to purchase a new Gas Chromatograph/Mass Spectrometer for the regional crime lab.
Utah $133,964
 BaseCompetitiveProject Description
Utah Department of Public Safety$53,731$80,233Funds will be used to purchase computers and forensic analysis equipment and provide training to maintain ASCLD/LAB accreditation.
Vermont $57,052
 BaseCompetitiveProject Description
Vermont Department of Public Safety$57,052 The program will provide funding to enable the Vermont Forensic Laboratory to send personnel to a wide variety of training and educational opportunities that meet ASCLD-LAB accreditation training requirements.
Virginia $168,778
 BaseCompetitiveProject Description
Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services / Department of Health$168,778 The project will use funds to train and certify three forensic pathology fellows among the district offices of the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Virginia through an accredited forensic pathology fellowship program.
Washington State $213,737
 BaseCompetitiveProject Description
Washington Department of Community
Trade and Economic Development
$140,104 The funds will be used to implement a Statewide Death Investigation Network System which will link all the state's coroners, medical examiners and the state forensics laboratory.
Spokane County $73,633Funding will be used to: 1) upgrade computer capabilities; 2) purchase autopsy equipment and supplies; and 3) purchase education and training materials.
West Virginia $57,052
 BaseCompetitiveProject Description
West Virginia Division of Criminal Justice Services$57,052 In accordance with State's Consolidated Forensic Science Plan, renovations to the WVSP Forensic Laboratory's Drug Identification and Firearm/Tool mark section will be done to maximize the use and utility of existing space. To maximize the use of its LIMS and to create an electronic data environment, the Laboratory will incorporate wireless 'notepad' computers into its data collection and storage routine. The WVSP Crime Scene Teams will acquire portable color printers to provide paper copies of their electronic data to their end users.
Wisconsin $164,792
 BaseCompetitiveProject Description
Wisconsin Department of Justice$125,042 The program will provide funding to laboratories in Madison, Milwaukee, and Wausau for accreditation, education, training, certification, laboratory equipment, computerization, and facilities upgrades.
St. Croix County $39,750Funds will be used to purchase equipment and obtain training for video enhancement and computer forensics.
Wyoming $57,052
 BaseCompetitiveProject Description
Wyoming Office of the Attorney General$57,052 The goals and objectives of this project are to strengthen the latent print examination capacity and infrastructure of the Wyoming State Crime Laboratory in order to process latent print samples more efficiently and cost effectively and to reduce the number of forensic latent print cases awaiting examination.
American Samoa $0
 BaseCompetitiveProject Description
Criminal Justice Planning AgencyN/AN/ADid Not Apply For FY2004 Coverdell Funding.
Northern Mariana Islands $0
 BaseCompetitiveProject Description
Office of the Governor, Criminal Justice Planning AgencyN/AN/ADid Not Apply For FY2004 Coverdell Funding.
Guam $0
 BaseCompetitiveProject Description
Government Of GuamN/AN/ADid Not Apply For FY2004 Coverdell Funding.
Puerto Rico $0
 BaseCompetitiveProject Description
Commonwealth of Puerto Rico Department of JusticeN/AN/ADid Not Apply For FY2004 Coverdell Funding.
Virgin Islands $57,052
 BaseCompetitiveProject Description
Virgin Islands Bureau of Corrections$57,052 The program will provide personnel with the proper training regarding evidence documentation, collection, packaging, testing, and analysis. This will include training regarding operation, and maintenance of the equipment used for identification and analysis of controlled substances.
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