A Guide for Investigating Bomb and Explosion Scenes: Safety Equipment and Tools

Following is a list of safety equipment and tools frequently used by the investigative team at explosion and bombing scenes. Equipment and tool needs are, for the most part, determined by the actual scene. The list below may be used as a planning guide for equipment and tool needs. Not every item and tool mentioned below will be applicable for use on every scene. See also more general Equipment Needed for Crime Scene Investigation.

  • Biohazard materials (i.e., bags, tags, labels).
  • First-aid kit.
  • Footwear, safety (i.e., protective shoes/boots).
  • Glasses, safety.
  • Gloves, heavy and disposable (e.g., surgical, latex).
  • Helmets, safety/hard hats.
  • Kneepads.
  • Outerwear, protective (e.g., disposable suits, weather gear).
  • Personnel support items (e.g., food, water, hygiene items, shelter).
  • Reflective tape.
  • Respiratory equipment (e.g., particle masks, breathing equipment).
Date Created: July 21, 2009