DNA Initiative Report to Congress: FY 2011

Every year, NIJ receives an appropriation from Congress to be used for the DNA Initiative and other forensic programs, research and development.

In fiscal year 2011, approximately three-quarters of the funds went directly to crime laboratories and police departments to reduce the current backlog of DNA evidence, increase laboratory capacity and solve cold cases.

FY 2011 Allocation of DNA Initiative Funds

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NIJ believes that a holistic approach to building capacity and reducing backlogs is necessary; to achieve this, NIJ uses an integrated three-step process:

  1. Develop new technologies for cheaper, better and faster forensic methods through NIJ's research and development portfolio.
  2. Help agencies implement new technologies through technology transfer, training, and communications programs.
  3. Test and evaluate how well the forensic technologies and programs work in the field.

An integrated approach ensures that the nation's criminal justice system maximizes the use of DNA and forensic tools and technologies in solving crime and improving public safety.

Read the full DNA Report to Congress for FY 2011 (pdf, 399 pages).

Sections of the Report to Congress listed below contain information about NIJ's solicitations for proposals, grants that were competitively selected to receive awards, and abstracts of the grants for the programs that are part of the DNA Initiative. Each linked sub-title will take you to a specific page in the full report.

Direct Services to Crime Laboratories and Law Enforcement

  1. DNA Backlog Reduction Program
  2. Solving Cold Cases with DNA

Basic and Applied Research and Development

  1. Basic Forensic Science
  2. Applied Forensic Science
  3. Strategic Approaches to Sexual Assault Kit (SAK) Evidence: An Action Research Project
  4. Social Science Research on Forensic Science

Training and Technical Assistance

  1. Forensic Science Training
  2. Forensic Science Technology Center of Excellence
  3. National Missing and Unidentified Persons System


  1. Federal Partners

Dissemination, Outreach, Program Support

Date Created: July 9, 2012