Convicted Offender and/or Arrestee Outsourcing Contract Program

Beginning in fiscal year 2010, the National Institute of Justice no longer funds awards under this program. Funding for convicted offender and arrestee samples is available through the DNA Backlog Reduction Program.

The Convicted Offender and/or Arrestee Outsourcing Contract Program ("the Outsourcing Program") was one of several NIJ programs targeted at reducing the backlog of unanalyzed DNA database samples in the United States. The Outsourcing Program was the only NIJ program specifically designed to solely leverage the DNA analysis capacity of the private sector. Unlike typical NIJ grant programs, the Outsourcing Program was built around competitively awarded federal contracts to qualified private sector DNA laboratories.

In addition to tapping private sector resources, the Outsourcing Program provided three other tangible benefits:

  • The program provided states with an avenue for reducing their backlogs of offender samples (via outsourcing) while simultaneously building internal capacity. In other words, states no longer need to build capacity before tackling their backlogs — both tasks could be undertaken in parallel.
  • Contracts written under the Outsourcing Program contained "best practices" for outsourcing DNA samples. States with limited outsourcing experience benefited from the lessons learned by others.
  • There were opportunities for lower costs and economies of scale because a single entity, NIJ, negotiated contracts with private laboratories.

The Outsourcing Program was a partnership between NIJ, state governments and the private sector. NIJ provided the contracts and the funding, states provided samples and technical expertise, and the vendors provided DNA analysis services.

Outsourcing Program Funding by Fiscal Year
Fiscal Year Funding Provided No. Samples to be Tested
FY05 $2,562,105 69,207
FY06 $9,741,077 215,562
FY07 $7,941,077 243,060
FY08 $790,208 75,097
FY09 $665,104 24,886
FY10 $299,256 12,450
Total $21,998,827 640,262
Date Created: March 27, 2013